Lately, I’ve discovered a new meaning of the word “home”. I define it as the centered inner place where the true self resides unencumbered by the frivolities and distractions of daily life. This is a “home” reached by conscious breathing, meditation, and yoga.

My perspective often feels exterior; and lately, I recognize this objectivity is a gift. From here I can see that the world is shifting – from fearful preoccupation with sickness and death, to peaceful demands for justice and equality.
My partner, who is White, expressed distress after our initial mask-less excursion to the grocery store. “Did you feel like everyone was staring at us?”
I didn’t.
Though, it occurred to me later, that I may just be used to being noticed as different. Or I may be used to noticing myself as outside of the majority. A developed immunity to conforming with a people who may not see our sameness.
Because so very little is “normal” right now – we are automatically out of our comfort zones; and I believe that this new perspective can be valuable.
In 1952, Woodrow Wilson allowed 2 Mexicans citizenship in the United States by expanding the definition of “white” to include them. I propose expanding the government’s definition of “white” to include all ethnicities and countries of origins. Then the laws of our land,even as they were originally written would include us all. We would need to consider all of us as “men” as well.
Let me get outside my comfort zone and admit something here; when I imagine myself being treated like a White man – it means that I would be immediately respected, expected to be a leader, and eagerly given opportunity for advancement. My opinion would be sought out, and considered seriously. I can imagine this happening without diminishing the respect, leadership, or opportunities of any one else. People who discriminate based on appearance, cheat themselves out of the best people, experiences and outcomes.
People who engage in brutality, do so in all of their relationships; including the relationship that they have with themselves. We cannot give them room to operate within our laws

Spread love and understanding between people and promote the healing and opening of all of our human hearts. Because loving ourselves is the real solution to all of our concerns.

I decided to wear a mask in order to acknowledge the very real fear that many people are experiencing. I hoped that it was a comfort to them. It proved to be isolating and dehumanizing for me. With nuances, mouthed words, and micro expressions hidden; I felt a loss of connection with people.

Black+woman+artist+introvert = outside

Let’s get outside and spend more time in nature. Let’s get outside of social media and have interactions with people that we know are real.

The “United States” sounds like a hopeful idea right now. This idea is made more hopeful by a world united. First, united in shared panic, and now in a collaborative commitment to equality and freedom. Every one of us benefits when appointed and elected officials interpret their position as one whose duties are to protect and serve all people.